A New Beginning

Welcome to The Little Red Thread!

You may know me from my previous blogging name of Tumus or may be you’ve just joined, either way welcome to my next adventure, a blog dedicated to modern and traditional quilts, books and ordinary life.  I’ve been dreaming of moving to WordPress from Blogger for quite some time now and feel like the move has solidified the vision in my head.  It’s both a big and small step, but I’m incredibly excited.

It’s my goal to start the process of publishing quilting patterns for all skill levels and provide free tutorials designed by me, The Little Red Thread, as well as share my quilting process, works in progress, what I’m reading and everything in between.

I’ve imported a vast majority of my old blog into this new one so if you’re curious about my history feel free to start at the beginning!

Till then stay warm, especially if you’re in the Midwest like me.

Happy Sewing!