Half Marathon Butterflies


October is flying by so let’s take a moment of zen to appreciate this Monarch.

Inner peace……….inner peace……inner peace……..

Let’s also appreciate the fact that butterflies are also taking up residence in my stomach as race day for the Columbus Marathon is 4 days away.  It’s pretty typical for me to get anxiety and think my training isn’t enough and I’ll totally fall apart mid-race.  But the fact is I’m already better than I was last year at my last half. I’ve seen and felt my own improvement and it’s amazing to think of what I’m once again going to accomplish.  If the weather doesn’t totally crap out on us (as of today there’s a 90% chance of rain/thunderstorms and breezy 12-17mph winds) then I’m all set to land a crazy PR.

I will not worry about my shoes being at the end of their mileage, I will not worry about the forecast, but will embrace the insanity that may be. I will arrive early and be excited.  I will find a port-o-potty well before the gun time.  I will encourage as many nervous runners as I can and I will cry all the tears if I hit my goal time of 2:30:00.

So while I feel like falling to pieces inside at the moment the practical side of my brain is telling me I will definitely kick ass.

I may just attach those butterflies to my shoes and put them to work.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@thelittleredthread) to see any race day shenanigans!


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