Life Lessons From a 3 Year Old

Life lessons from a 3 yr old over on the blog later today. Link in profile!

Friday night at the 5k I ran there was a kid’s Fun Run. Fiona ran in it and right before the finish an over eager dad, who was dragging his little boy along, tripped Fiona (on accident). She fell pretty hard and I thought for sure she would just sit there and start crying, but instead she pushed herself back up and finished her run.

For some reason I got a little teary eyed as I caught up with her at the end. Her palms were scrapped up and she skinned her left knee pretty good (would’ve been worse if she’d been in shorts) but I couldn’t help telling her how proud I was that she’d got back up after falling and finished. She was pretty excited for finishing after her fall. I hope I made a big enough deal over it to have it stick with her because it’ll definitely stick with me.

It’s inspiring and complicated raising a self-assured mini me in today’s modern world. And let’s face it, it can be a huge pain in the butt to keep pushing the important matters to the forefront of their minds.  But after a very rough week of working 30+ hrs at the garden center, Fi figuring out how to escape through the front sliding windows to go play with the neighbors, and a very smooshed banana in my couch and blankets her popping back up after falling was a stark reminder to myself.

That small niggling thought stayed with me as I went on to run the 5k 10 minutes later.  I pushed hard through the miles (I haven’t been running with any regularity due to work) up the hills and down and ran like I hadn’t run in a long while………all the way to a 2 minute PR on my 5k and a 3rd place age group finish.  Yeah, my first ever race medal for placing!

It was a nice way for our family to end the week.

Not every fall in life is a crisis, so push up and soldier on. There’s always someone cheering you on to the finish if you listen hard enough.

5k PR! And 3rd place age group finish


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