What I’m Reading: The Wheel of Time

228665Along time ago…in a classroom far, far away a 7th grade girl opened a book and entered the world of Epic Fantasy. This was the original Epic.  You can’t talk about this genre without conjuring up images of Rand, Mat and Perrin, Aes Sedai lightning storms, Fades and Warders.

I think at the time I started reading Eye of the World, Robert Jordan had only written 4 of the books in what would eventually become a 14 book SAGA of an incredibly rich, wordy, and complex world.  I, along with every other reader, had no idea what we were in for when Rand Al’Thor left the Two Rivers.  Who knows what was in Jordan’s head when he started to plot out this tome of an adventure.  I do know that I had the privilege to meet him not once, but twice, while he still walked this plane.  Everyone seemed to know that this series would out live him.  It was his life’s work. And it feels bittersweet to start my reread of these books….though in truth I totally fell off the band wagon around Path of Daggers (book #8).  Everything beyond #8 will be totally new to me and that gives me heart.  That and the fact that Brandon Sanderson finished the story by writing the last 3 books with the help of Harriet, Jordan’s wife, and the expansive notes and half written passages left behind by the eccentric man himself.

The great Wheel of Time re-read begins. The orignal copy I bought in 7th grade, the same book that had the honor to meet the eccentric author himself and many years later his wife, Harriet. #fullcircle #booknerd #wheeloftime #crazy

It felt quite poignant when at the final book tour I brought my original copy of The Eye of the World and had Harriet sign it too (goosebumps and so many feels at that event).  It felt fitting for both of them to have signed the same book. A beginning and an ending. The Wheel moves ever on.

It will be a long slog.  I’m sure I will have to step off the WoT crazy train to take a deep breath and cleanse my palate before diving back in again, but I know it’ll be worth it.

“The fact that the price must be paid is proof it is worth paying.”
Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World

To the many others who’ve done this humongous reread, I salute you. You brave souls.  You who keep this Flame alive as the Ages come to pass and a new one begins.



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