The Space Between Breaths


It has been a long month and I have no idea where things have gone off to but I feel like this short hiatus from blogging has given me the deep exhalation I needed.  I even had to take a break from quilting for a short time.  It was a result of procrastination, poor time management and feeling like other things needed priority.

Plus, I’m at a rather painful juncture in The Birchen quilt that involves matching up endless seams and pressing everything open to reduce bulk.  If I were a stronger person I would do a few rows a day and knock it out within a few weeks, but I have balked at it.  Each row has been taking about 5-10 minutes to match and pin. You might ask, why are you pining at seam intersections instead of “nesting” them? That’s because there are so many intersecting seams that everything has to be pressed open.  This helps the whole quilt to lay flat, but makes extra work when it comes to aligning seams properly.  There is a reason to the madness but darn it if it’s not a tedious affair.

I also took on another seasonal job! This one at a local garden center.  Just in time for their busy planting season.  This will not help my flower addiction in any way, but it will be outside with green things and really that’s a win no matter how long I’ll be working there. I’m not planning on doing any vegetable gardening this year as I’m preparing to solarize the soil to kill off the bad stuff that’s been lurking there for some time. Jump over to Garden’s Alive to find out more.  It will only work if we happen to have an actual hot summer though and if our climate pattern holds we might not see much constant heat.  Fingers crossed it kills off most of the crud!

I also did a quick pattern test for Betz White and her newest pattern: Tutti Fruity Penny Pinchers.


 I opted to use mine to store my Garmin watch cord and it works out splendidly! Just the right size for storing small cords in or gift cards even.

I also have been knocking out a good chunk of books so far and have even made it 4 books into the Wheel of Time reread! Look for a few updates to What I’m Reading to pop up soon.

Here’s to making time for all things big and small.


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