The Running Goal

This was taken last Sunday.  At the top of a hill around mile 4.5.  Pretty proud I made it all 5 miles non-stop and finished just under an hour!  I  mean I’ve barely gotten back to running since I worked October-December.  This feels huge.  It also made me realize that I’ve actually managed to change my endurance and overall fitness since last year!

ORRRCFrostbite 5 miler 2016

Look at that sexy tomato faced beast.  So majestic in all the agony.

I’ve never been one to sketch out a detailed running/training plan to help meet my goals.  I just kind of have a general “idea” of what I want to accomplish per week and then possibly overall for the month, but you know, LIFE.  Yet I’m thinking this might be the year that I need to start planning out weekly and monthly mileage.  Get a touch more serious.  Why you ask?  When I signed up for the Columbus Half Marathon this year I noticed that they asked if you could finish under 3:30:00.  Thinking back to my AF Half finish time I thought, sure I can totally manage that. I completed that course in 3:03:16 which means I technically qualify to run in Columbus. So away I flew thru the registration forms and releases and signed up.

Then I thought to myself, yeah you finished under their cut off time for your first half marathon, but you did struggle. I mean mile 10 was like utter ruin, dig deep and push.

I don’t want to struggle my way to a finish this year.

I’m not looking to set any kind of crazy PR or anything but I don’t want to be anywhere near that cut off and face the possibility of being forced off the course and getting a DNF (did not finish).

This is the year I get a little pocket planner and try to step it up a notch.  I have a solid year of running under my belt and the Columbus race isn’t till the end of October so I have plenty of time to make sure I have a steadier, more consistent increase in running.  I’ve got goals so time to put them on paper.


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