“Selfish Sewing” and Why I’m Giving It Up

Once more as the new year ramps up the hashtag #selfishsewing seems to be creeping back into the trending topics of both Instagram and Twitter.  Why?  The word selfish has no positive meaning to it.  If you think of a selfish person you might conjure up images of a self-absorbed movie star or someone passing a homeless person begging for money.  So why do we insist on using this term with all its negative worth when we create?

It's snowing here and I just finished pressing open 160 half square triangles.  I have another 160 waiting to be sewn on the sidelines. #birchenquilt #sewday

Maybe it’s “Mom Guilt” (yet another awesomely bad catch phrase) or just guilt in general.  As women, we are typically raised to be the center of the family sphere and taught that sacrifice is the name of the game.  Everything must come before you’re own needs.  Your boyfriend, husband, children, career, pets, even basic social time with your friends.  The list is endless and you probably fall somewhere around the bottom of it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Studies have shown that taking time for ourselves as women, as simple humans, to do something we love doing can raise our self-worth, ease stress and make us better able to handle the toddler waking up 3-4 times a night because their blankets slid off.

It can give us a deep sense of fulfillment by helping us not lose ourselves in the everyday grind.  It is vital that we take time for us so that we can be whole.

So, I’m giving it up. I’m not doing any more Selfish Sewing.  Instead I’ll just be sewing or working on my latest project.  Maybe I’ll be donating a selfless sewing project for Craft Hope or doing some mending.  As long as I’m enjoying it, whether it’s sewing, crafting, growing, running, reading, it will never be selfish.

We give so much of ourselves to everyone around us. Don’t let the guilt monster ruin your creativity.

My latest quilt project is the Birchen Quilt which is a FREE pattern you can download from the YouTube quick tutorial video here (go to the info box and click the link).  I’ve been using a combination of Tula Pink’s Elizabeth collection, Cotton + Steel and Kate Spain fabrics.  It is officially the first quilt I’ve made for myself to love and snuggle up in.  It might not be quilted till midsummer but it’ll be ready for next winter and I can not wait to show you once the top is pieced!

Colorway #2 and another 160 half square triangles. Thank goodness for triangle paper! These would've taken forever doing it the old way and not nearly as consistently accurate.  #birchenquilt



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