Clean Slate

I don’t typically write recaps of my past year or reminisce much about the previous year, but 2015 had alot going on. Like. Alot.
– moved and restarted my blog
– planted and preserved my biggest harvest to date
– started running and then completed my first ever half-marathon
– sewed brand new RenFaire costumes for both Fi and I
– participated in a year long Sewing Collective where I contributed 5 pattern reviews and mods

And that’s just the major stuff off the top of my head.
Sadly, I didn’t get to do much sewing for myself, but that is definitely going to change this year.

I already have a pattern picked out for just ME, fabric selected (but not bought) and goals set to get at least 2 patterns designed and put up for sale by the end of 2016.  There’s even a small niggly idea in the back of my mind about doing a few book inspired quilts.  That’s just the sewing goals.

I cleaned and rearranged the “Sewing Cave”.  We even got the trim around the floor installed (cough, after 3 years, cough).  No, I did not work in a space this cluttered before.  Everything just happens to be moved to the center of the room so the trim could be installed.
Sewing room getting some love. Putting in trim and moving stuff around for a better workspace! Just in time for the new year ^_^

It felt extremely gratifying to purge so much stuff out of my room. I even bought a fancy-schmancy IKEA cube unit to help get rid of all my rubbermaid bins that had taken over a wall of the room. And I moved my cutting table to the center of the room. It totally feels like a creative workspace now.

Progress is good! New layout and new storage for the new year.There’s still quite a bit of “nesting” to do, but it’s getting there.


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