Between the Silence

I’ve been unusually quite these last 2 months as I’ve taken up a seasonal job for the first time in a couple of years.  Getting back to work hasn’t been as awkward as I’d imagined, but it’s still been a huge adjustment to our routines and my sleep schedule.  Then there’s been blogging difficulties between Flickr and WordPress making any posts I’ve had scheduled either disappear or picture links break. Despite all that and working till 1am most nights, I’ve managed to find some free time here and there.

We finally made it out to see the amazing lights of Clifton Mill.



I made some more progress on my bird cross stitch and then some! It’s all but 3/4 finished now.

and I started a small quilt for the wee beastie using the Yellow Brick Road pattern.

I haven’t been able to fully decorate the house as much as I’d like to but that’s ok.  The busier I get the more I try to make every effort to spend any free time with my family and on my projects.


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