Ye Olde Needle and Thread

This year marked our 3rd Annual family trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  It was a near perfect day and it was incredibly crowded as a result.  But the Fi-Beastie had so much fun and kept us on our toes.

We had some awesome friends who went the day before us and hid over 14 tiny button all across the festival grounds and even on some vendors! They then gave us clues to each one.  Fiona wasn’t the only one who got in on the game, Chris and I became obsessed with finding as many as we could too.

In the end we came away with 9 out of 14 buttons.  It was so fun that we plan to do the same thing again next year.

I managed to fully complete both Fiona and I’s costumes with barely a day to spare before their big debut.  I’m not entirely thrilled with how this pattern came out.  The directions were a bit muddy and hard to follow.  The overcoat is fairly bulky (maybe because of my fabric choice? or even the shirt I’m wearing underneath? Not sure) but it did have a full lining and it didn’t come out as fitted as I would have liked.

It was SO MUCH FABRIC and I have never, ever wished for a dress form more than I did when I was working on this pattern.

I also think that it would’ve looked a little better had I managed to find some fitted pants instead of opting for a skirt.  But Fi and I received several compliments regardless of my feelings of bulkiness or general “meh” about my whole ensemble this year.

In case anyone was curious I used McCalls M6819 for mine (the A version):

and Fiona’s was a modified Merida costume Simplicity 1557:

Of course, next year I’ll need to do another costume for Fi because she’ll have grown even more. Hopefully she’ll be able to tell me more of what she wants to wear and I’ll keep progressing with my garment sewing skills.

Here’s to starting a little bit earlier on the costumes for next year and maybe even getting a dress form!


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