I am surprisingly not nervous or anxious about my first (ever) half marathon tomorrow.  Seems like just a few months back I was making grand statements of how I wanted to do this kind of race to prove to myself that I could accomplish something brutal and rewarding after becoming a mom.  But it’s more than that now.  I feel grateful that I can do this kind of race and there will be quite a few people on my mind as I pass thru each mile: Teddy, my Grandma, my sister Sarah, Fiona, my friends, my mom, the Hubby and on and on.  It’s nice to feel emotional BEFORE the race and to have an overwhelming sense of completion already.

With that said, things I’m not looking forward to are having to get up at 4:45am so I can do “runner things” like stretching, eating a little something and then going to the bathroom.  The one main thing I have learned about runners is that they are obsessed with bodily functions, disgusting but true and I don’t want the urge to go #2 when I’m 15 minutes from the gun going off and there’s a line at the port-o-potties or 10 miles in and I get the tummy burbles.

I hate having to get up before the sun. I am NOT a morning runner even though I’ve had to force myself to become one over the last 4 summer months.  But this time it’s pretty necessary. You know parking is going to be hectic if they’re opening the gates to the parking areas at 5am and the first race doesn’t start till 7:30.  My half isn’t even till 8:30 but I need to make sure I’m at least IN the parking area by 6ish am. I most likely will have to walk a mile (I wish I were joking) to the check-in point.  Nothing spells “fun” like having to park in a field at 6am with a bunch of half awake people in the dark.

The forecast looks interesting too. Upper 70’s, with a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms….and wind 10-15mph.  I don’t mind the rain or even wind, but I do mind running in driving rain.  That’s just not cool.

Even though my first Half isn’t going to be ideal. I know with certainty that it will be one I’ll remember. Plus I get a free beer, so HOORAY!  Here’s to fresh legs and a bit of luck and lots of grit!


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