There has certainly been a flurry of things to do in the last month, but now we’re in the middle of a summer lull and I must admit it’s very pleasant.  Now that the rain has finally stopped we can enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

Though the mosquitos have been unreal this year thanks to a very rainy first half of summer, we’ve been managing to get in a few good woodsy hikes without being eaten alive.

I’ve also been keeping up on my running and have been progressing well both physically and mentally.  My body has been adjusting to the heat and humidity that plagues Ohio this time of year and I’ve rediscovered that I still need to take my Advair inhaler (I stopped while I was pregnant almost 4 years ago and no, my asthma is only exercise induced and not overly debilitating or life threatening).  I’m bummed about the inhaler but at the same time I’ve noticed a huge improvement on how winded I get on longer runs.  I guess I was only running with half my lung capacity?  Ugh. I hate being dependent on something like medicine.

Regardless of that small glitch I completed my first 10k this past Saturday with my friend Hilary.

It was a hot, humid and grueling 6.2 miles, but it was the end of July.  My gps volume was turned down for the first 3 miles so I had a hard time judging my pace and it turned out I was running much too fast, go figure.  Mile 4 was spent mainly walking and trying to cool down, but we managed to run/walk 5 and 6 and I even dug down to sprint the last hundred feet to cross the finish.  I can’t really say that it was a PR since I ran my first 6 mile long run in 1:15:00 the weekend before as practice and my 10k race time was 1:21:51ish.

I tried out a new hat too which became a godsend once we started.  My only complaint is that they need to start this race earlier than 9:30, especially since it’s a summer run.

Only 8 more weeks till my first half marathon! Until then the Dublin Irish Festival is this weekend and I plan to party it up as it’s one of my absolute favorite festivals all year. There’s also the wonderful blessing of having my brother and sister-in-law babysitting for that Saturday night so the hubs and I can go be adults!


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