What I’m Reading: The Husband Edition

Something shocking happened this summer, my husband started to read books.  This isn’t normal for him as it can be a challenge for him to focus long enough to get thru even one chapter.  He’d rather watch a movie or YouTube how-to videos on RC planes.  Needless to say it’s still a shock to hear him talk about a book he’s reading or just finished.

I’m also a tad proud of him.  Reading books has never been his “thing” and for him to have read three books in the last month and a half is remarkable.  It gives me the warm fuzzies.

He’s finished and loved, Ready Player One, The Martian and DUNE (yeah, i know! He did it as an audio book and read along, but still…DUNE!)

The Martian by Andy Weir is on my “too read” list and I’m hoping to get started on it soon.  He loved this book.  He raved about it. He liked that it was smart and scientific without being too stuffy, suspenseful, filled sarcastic humor, and a good old fashioned novel of survival.  It’s also coming to a big screen near you in October 2015.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a book for any gamer or geek.  The pop culture references abound with regularity.  The humor is great and the plot not too shabby.  He recommends this to anyone whose every played an online game, loves post apocalyptic stories, classifies themselves as a nerd or geek and appreciates the awkwardness of youth.

He read several scenes aloud to me and could barely get thru a few of them because he was laughing so hard.

Ernest Cline is also a fanboy at heart which makes him pretty easy to relate to on basic level.

DUNE was the book that caught me off guard.  I had no idea he would even feel inclined to read this, but he did and he kinda liked it.  I have no real desire to read DUNE myself.

SciFi isn’t my most loved genre, but I do occasionally venture over to it.  I do know enough about this book/series to have warned him that it can get “kinda complicated” and it’s fairly political, but the world and the people are pretty amazing.  I guess that was enough to spur him on.  He did try to read it online, but couldn’t concentrate on it so he switched to an audio book version and was drawn in.

I can’t say what he’s going to read next but he’s been hinting at The Hunger Games trilogy and another end of world/scifi novel, SevenEves (though from what I’ve heard this one is extremely technical and long).  It’s good to see we have different reading interests.  It just proves that I can find a likeable book in an different genre for myself.


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