Unintentional Procrastination

I’ve been working away at my third Sewing Collective guest blog post for nearly 2 months.  It’s been alot of trial and error, but I’ve finally settled on a pretty stellar fabirc/felt combination.  I had everything set up and ready to do some marathon sewing this week only to discover that the felt I have on order is STILL “in transit”.  USPS has managed to ship my package to Cincinnati three times and Detroit once.  I don’t even know how it has been wrongly sorted that many times between 4 separate PO locations.

In the meantime, there’s a little bit that I can do on this pattern without the felt which means I’ll have less to complete once it does arrive.  I have no doubt that it will get to my door by week’s end (it’d better….) because it’s frustrating when you’ve been waiting for 3 measly sheets of felt for two weeks and it’s the last thing you need to finish a project that’s has a definite deadline.


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