Sweet Tooth

Strawberries are in full glory around here.  I was late to the fields last year so my strawberries were overripe and not very fit for jam, but I made it any way.  This year, I was far more successful when it came to picking them on time and getting them all processed.

We picked just under 10 POUNDS of strawberries which eventually worked down to 16 half pints (and one pint for the fridge for immediate yumminess) of jam, one strawberry- rhubarb pie, and lots of sticky fingers sneaking berries out of the bucket as I was washing them.  I can’t say for certain, but I’m guessing my wee beastie ate about a pound of berries by herself.

This time of year always feels so refreshing as we reconnect with the soil and growing things. It also means that the needle and thread get a short break in between harvests and grass stained feet.


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