A Memory

I’m not sure what Memorial Day means to alot of folks these days.  For most it’s a nice long weekend of cookouts, camping or sleeping in.  But for others, like my brother Aaron and so many of his cavalry group in the Army Reserve, it’s a long weekend of remembering and sometimes dwelling on memories that aren’t always pleasant.  It’s a weekend to show our respect to service members and those who are no longer present on earth.

For my husband, this weekend he’ll say good-bye to a best friend who took his life a week ago. A friend who served in the Navy and couldn’t seem to find his footing after he got out no matter how hard he tried or accept the help he so desperately needed.

No matter your political views or where you stand on specific issues take some time this weekend and remember everyone who is fighting.  Fighting to survive in a war torn country, fighting for equal rights, fighting to live in a segregated country or just fighting to put one foot in front of the other and get to the next day.

Memorial Day should be a long moment of reflection on everything that has happened and then making changes for the better. To progress.  To be better people, a better society.

We’re all in this together.


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