Dear Quilty

The last issue of Quilty hit newsstands a week ago and my final copy arrived last Thursday.  This magazine was wonderful for so many reasons, but I think what made it such a wild success with both new and seasoned quilters was its fresh, humorous and friendly take on absolutely every aspect of the quilt world.

The fact that it also catered to the more modern quilter didn’t hurt either.  With each issue I saw projects and designs/designers and felt inspired to submit a quilt design for publication or encouraged by a kind insider’s word on how to write a quilt book.

Anything you could imagine was here.  It wasn’t just another magazine filled with beautiful quilt patterns, some basic articles and tool tips, it was brimming with advice from color theory, longarm quilting perspectives, beginner quilter interviews, piecing short cuts, advice on being a crafty blogger, on and on.

It did it in such a fun way that I really looked forward to each issue.  It answered questions I never thought to ask and some that I didn’t know who to ask.  So it was with a sad heart that I flipped thru the last publication of a magazine that broke the quilting mold.

Dear Quilty,

Thanks for being awesome.  Thank you for bringing new blood into the sewing fold by showing everyone how amazing quilting can be and why so many of us, young and old, do it.  I’ll miss you.  I don’t know why this is good-bye or what made you decide to stop producing such a quality print, but I will miss so much about you and the contributors and designers.

It’s hard to express a personality thru a magazine, but you did it.  Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement.  I’ll keep the sewing room light on just in case you decide to come back.




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