April Whirlwind

(Sneek peek! for Secret Project #2 for the Betz White Sewing Collective)

Here we are at the tail end of April and it’s just whizzed by me.

I think I’ve completed and photographed at least three different projects, two of which are going to be featured this month.  The first one you can find over on Betz White’s blog for the Sewing Collective today!

If you haven’t been following along yet here are some of the other wonderful contributors who’ve already shared their own pattern mods:

Stephanie of Swoodsonsays: Forest Friends Slippers

Sara of Radiant Home: Hexie Hipster Bag

Stacy of Stacy Sews: Little Fly Cap

Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World: Stitch & Stash Bag

Cindy of Raspberry Sunshine: Jet Pack Bag

Melissa of A Happy Stitch: Furry & Fluffy Polar Bears

I even started to quilt the Hexie quilt, aka the Science Fair Quilt by Jaybird Quilts, and that has been one heck of an under taking.  I keep grimacing every time I have to turn it because it’s large enough to make my sewing table feel very cramped.  It would be so much easier if I had a longarm.  Unfortunately, I have to suffer thru this one and just do a little at a time so as not to lose my sanity or my patience.

Straight line quilting can be taxing. Who knew?


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