Betz White Sewing Collective

Woohoo! I have some fabulous news for you all!

I have been invited to participate in a Sewing Collective for the amazing Betz White. Yay!  This year long project includes nine other talented and fun crafty bloggers and I couldn’t be more thrilled (or even a little in awe) to be sewing along side them.

What’s a sewing collective?  Each of us have picked out a variety of patterns, designed by Betz, to showcase a modification or technique.  Each guest blogger will be showcased every Friday over on her blog starting March 6th!   Most of my project selections can be found in her newest book Present Perfect with one extra holiday ornament pattern thrown in for good measure.

I’ll be writing my guest posts over on her blog on these dates for these patterns:

April 17th: Tagalong Teddy from Present Perfect

May 1st: Cluck the Chicken Doorstop from Present Perfect

July 17th: Sweet Life Pillow from Present Perfect

September 18th: Make & Bake Apron from Present Perfect

November 20th: Winter Bloom ornament from Betz’s Holiday Collection

For now I have to keep all my modifications under wraps until my guest post is published, but you can catch hints of what I’m working on over on Instagram ^_~

Hope you’ll join us for lots of fun, crafty inspiration and maybe even make a few friends along the way.

Happy Sewing!


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