Soft Mod: The “Gentle-Lady’s Travel Case”

You might recall my book review for Present Perfect by Betz White and in it was the pattern called The Gentleman’s Travel Case.

I worked on this pattern as a tester and found it to be surprisingly easy to make. I don’t usually make bags or things of that nature very often, so I enjoyed the natural way the directions flowed together.

This is what I’d like to called a “soft mod” of a good pattern.  There were only two things I changed, the strapping on the top and handle and the colors.  Easy changes to make it a bit more girly.

The strapping that lays over top of the case is actually covered with the same fabric that I used for my bag interior.  I had plain, ol’ white strapping and it was boring.  To jazz it up, I took double-sided fusible webbing, fused it to the flower fabric and then cut it the length of my straps. After that it was only a matter of fusing the fabric to the straps being careful to fuse both the front of the strap and the back.

I did the same for the handle and if you wanted you could even do it to the little pull tab at the end of the bag.

Insta pretty!

It’s also fun to use coordinating thread in a bold color.  In my case I matched my thread to my pink zipper.

I love the way the interior came together in this particular bag.  It is a little tricky to sew it closed at the top near the zipper because there’s not a lot of space to maneuver well.  I did wonder, in hindsight, if I could have turned the bag inside out so the interior would be on the outside making it easier to hand sew along the underside of the zipper.  I can’t say if that would have worked out well, but if you end up making this I’d say give it a try!

Happy Sewing!

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