What I’m Reading: A Feast For Crows

God help me, but I’m determined to finish this 4th installment of Fire and Ice before the end of April and the beginning of the new Game of Thrones season.

I can’t even really “review” this book because it’s just too complicated to try and rehash, but I will say that I have been trying and failing miserably to read this particular book for the last two years.  Yes, the last two years.  I’m a quarter of the way thru it and I just had to stop because it was so heavy and dry.  If you’re familiar with any epic fantasy you’ll know that over the course of any series there is bound to be a few duds in the mix.  It’s hard to avoid from an author’s perspective, I’m sure.  I can see the need to flesh out a character better, maybe spend more time dealing with their issues and all the craziness that their actions have caused or will cause.


Dear. God. Help.

I’ve been reassured that Feast For Crows will get better and Dance of Dragons, the next book, is “sooooo much better”.  I sure hope so because this lull of interesting story lines, intrigue and bloodshed is fast running its course.

If you’ve been reading GRRM for any length of time (I like to pronounce those initials as “Grimm” just to make myself chuckle) you’ll have the same concerns as most readers.  Will he finish before he dies? I’m confident he will.  I don’t really care whether HBO has to carry out it’s own “ending” if GRRM can’t write his books fast enough.  I’d much prefer quality over quantity especially in a genre this demanding.

So wish me luck! I’ve been chipping away at it in between other far more fun and interesting reading material. I will eventually, persevere.


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