You’d think with all the sewing I’ve been doing over the last several months that I’d have no time for anything else.  I haven’t really had too much extra time, but in that space I’ve managed to do some canning of green beans and digging out of potatoes.
The beans I picked from both my garden and a new friend’s.  I’d forgotten how tedious and boring snapping beans could be.  I managed to can 14 quarts of green beans, thanks to my new pressure canner I received last Christmas from the hubby, and dig out around 20 pounds of potatoes.
Purple Viking, 1st harvest / one plant made about 10# of taters.
(purple viking potatoes are so tasty!)
It was a really weird gardening season this year.  We had rain consistently, almost every 3 days on average, and unseasonably cool weather.  The potato harvest was truly sub par as were several local farmers in the area.  Even the tomatoes have been having a difficult time ripening.

Oh well.  I have the majority of the garden cleaned up for the year and am going to attempt a Russian Kale this winter. We’ll see how that goes!

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