Peeking Out

The Last One. Project GRREAT comes to a close. 60 pups will be shipped out later this afternoon. Feels strange to be done sewing these and a little bittersweet as I won’t be doing these ornaments “en mass” anymore.
I’ve been sick the last week too which has made finishing up this order all the more challenging, but they’re still arriving 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  That always makes me feel good and helps lighten the load for other projects.
I know a busy schedule has prevented me from blogging much this summer, but I hope you’ve all been enjoy the Summer (especially those of us here in the Midwest).  We had record low high temperatures last week, thanks to a mini Polar Vortex.  It meant highs only reached into the mid-70’s in the middle of JULY!  That’s nuts people! 
My project list continues to expand and contract as commissions come and go.  I’ve busy looking thru my fabric stash to begin binding The Feather Quilt too 🙂  It came back from the quilters at the beginning of July.

2 thoughts on “Peeking Out

  1. Balisha says:

    I've been following along with this project. I imagine you could do these in your sleep. I remember the days when I would be up late making 75 santas or snowmen. I know how you feel about ending this project. You almost feel like you have given birth 🙂
    They are beautifully done.


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