On The Table

In the studio
Getting my first pattern ready!
It’s alot more work than I thought it would be, not so much the writing down of how to make it, more like the refining of the directions, the picture taking, the messing around with getting pattern templates scanned and edited, you get the idea.  Pattern writing, it turns out, it so much more than just “writing” out a recipe for crafty success.  It’s alot of fiddly bits that, in the end, have to make complete sense.
Pattern writing equates to turning chaos into order.
Well organized order.
The hubby said something encouraging last night though. 
When I finally came out of the studio for dinner he said, it’ll get easier, the first one will be the hardest.
Needless to say, his kind words were well placed.
I’m nearly done with this pattern and it’s ready to be tested!
I will say that finding the motivation to get out and try something a bit outside my “norm” is hard, but I feel like learning the whole process will, in the end, make me a better crafter.

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