A Long Overdue Post

When life gets busy things tend to fall to the wayside.
For example, I’ve been sorely neglecting posting for various crazy reasons.  You can pick from the following list of “crazy” below:
– Complete tear out and remodel of our main bathroom starting in April, finishing sometime in May. Discovering a huge mold and mildew problem in said main bathroom.  Bad contractors, slow completion, lots of painful naptimes and pints of beer.
– LOTS of pattern testing for the awesome Betz White
– Teething woes for Fiona
– A new nephew in June
– Reopening Tumus in July
– Completing another quilt, starting a second, 
almost finishing a third (but that one’s secret ^_~)
– Desktop computer dying slowly
– Fiona turning ONE in August
and so on.
Blog posts do take time to write and think out and “down” time, being at a high premium these days, is a treasured commodity.
I do intend to make a valiant effort to keep you all in the loop of awesome as much as I can, so for now here are some fun pictures of everything we’ve been up to since March.
Bathroom remodel from Hades

January's Endeavor
Young's Jersey Dairy Summer 2013
Gettin' it done, son.
Young's Jersey Dairy Summer 2013

Oliver's quilt 2013 - DONE!
Fiona's 1st Birthday
p.s.  Are you guys ready for the Holidays yet? EEP!

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