Things I’ve Been Missing

4 hours and one vacuum cleaner later.
Hint: it involves 8 hrs
Hint: Everyone else does it.
Cat origami
Hint: Our cats do it all day long.
Answer: Sleep.
Everyone tells me I’ll miss these sleepless nights (and even days) but I’m not going to lie when I say, no I won’t.  I’ll miss her being this little and super adorable, but I certainly will not miss the lack of sleep.
In the meantime when she IS napping I’ve been bad and doing housework or putzing around on the internet.  I know I SHOULD be sleeping, but believe it or not housework makes me feel much more regular and normal than sleeping does.  There’s a weird solace that comes with doing the dishes or balancing the checkbook.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Missing

  1. Holli says:

    Ahh yes sleep!! A distant memory here also, with a three year old, and baby twins and a husband that works away it is something I must do when I get the chance! (Like now perhaps!) Oh well I will just have another coffee. Good luck!


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