A Fun Endeavour

About a month ago, I got a really fun opportunity to help out Betz White on one of her newest patterns: The Hex Messenger Bag.
You might remember these pictures from earlier posts:
Modern color
Secret quilting
I was really making this!
A Longer shot
Betz was really great to work with and let me tinker around with the pattern and offer up suggestions and improvements regarding the flow of the instructions and the ease of understanding them.  It was also a real treat to sew up something brand new that not many others had seen yet ^_^
Hex Messenger Bag by Betz White
This bag is really fun to make if you have lots of strips of fabric you need to use up.  I used a jellyroll in Moda’s Domestic Bliss line.  The overall look of my first bag is different from Betz’s in that I didn’t flip my triangles around, but the look is still fun and funky.  I also added two fabric covered buttons to mine.
Hex Messenger Bag with buttons
This bag is very open to many different hexagon layouts and I wouldn’t be surprised if she came out with some more hexie-inspired bags soon.  If you aren’t sure about sewing lots of seams for hexes just yet she has a second version call the “The Prism” bag which is also included when you purchase the The Hex Messenger Bag. Yay!  So you can make two looks with one pattern!
A big thanks to Betz for taking my suggestions and my humor and for offering up the Prism design alongside the Hex Messenger Bag!

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