Things That Happen

At the beginning of last week we noticed our second cat Guinness gimping about the house.  He tends to be a psychotic spazz most days but he’d seemed out of it lately.  And by “out of it” I mean he didn’t run away like we were trying to eat him.  So I packed him up and off to the vet we went.
Guinni splint
A couple hundred dollars later this was the result.
If I had to be frank this cat in particular will always have too much of that stray mentality.  His flight or fight response will always give way to flight.  We are guessing he fractured his paw over the weekend when he spazzed out and ran behind the couch.  When we couldn’t find him we discovered that he had burrowed his way into the back of my recliner in an attempt to “disappear”.  
It’s really a wonder he didn’t do himself more damage or that I didn’t sit down in that seat and pop open the foot rest (shudder).  This makes for his worst hiding place to date next to the paint shelf in the basement, crawling up into our old refrigerator by the motor, and stuffing himself into the light table in Chris’ work area on top of the light bulbs.   He’s not trying to keep warm he just likes to hide so he can feel secure.
We can only hope he totally forgets the recliner hole exists.

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