A Resolution(s)

It’s that time again.  When I come out of vacation hibernation a little more revived in the creativity department and ready to take on more “adventurous pursuits”.  In no particular order here’s what I hope for my 2012.
#1 Not bury myself in projects at the last minute.
Bury me down at the Log Cabin
#2  I will finish sewing all my half started projects…entirely.
#3 Discontinue a few ornaments and add more ready-to-ship options.
#4 Introduce ornament kits (ooooh! ahhh!)
#5  Get more haircuts!  The constant ponytail is giving me headaches.
#6 Plant a simpler veggie garden, but with more potatoes.
#7 Take more pictures
#8 Remodel our disgusting pink tiled bathroom.
#9 Have a baby and make a gallant attempt at motherhood.
That last one isn’t really a resolution as it is an announcement that the Tumus house will be growing this year, probably around the end of summer.  This means I’ll have to take things a little slower once the little bean gets here, but it’ll be a good thing.
Happy New Year (a tad late) ^_^

2 thoughts on “A Resolution(s)

  1. Rita says:

    Congratulations! Oh how fun it will be to make baby things! I'm wishing you loads of energy and patience for the New Year.

    All of those resolutions are good ones … hmmmm, finishing unfinished projects … hmmm, could do with that one here.


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