Stock in Tissues

I’ve been pretty darn sick over the past week.  Like rooooooough kind of sick.  It’s been an absolute challenge getting my last orders out this week and it will sincerely be an act of God or a Christmas Miracle that my fingers don’t cramp up on the last few.  I’m just glad to be back in a working state both physically and mentally.
I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all of my customers though.  This season at Tumus has been alot of things, but insanely stellar seems to sum it up pretty well.  Even some of the newer ornaments did well which is unusual since they were introduced in late Fall.
In any case I’m off to sew once again. I should really invest in stock of Puffs or Kleenex with the amount I buy. I kind of feel like there’s no way one could ever have too many tissues.  At least not at this time of year.

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