A Doodle with Tea

I received a second custom order request last week from a wonderful girl in NY.  She’d already purchase a custom Bulldog ornament the week before and asked if I could design an ornament for her Labradoodle, Lani.  I’d never done a ‘Doodle before so I set to work researching the breed a bit, looking over Lani’s picture and sketching out possible patterns.  New dog breeds are always a challenge to scale down properly.  The original drawing was extremely huge compared to my other ornaments, but it turned out really lovely once the size was adjusted.
A Doodle and Tea
The ornament could not have been timed better because the rain had just set in for the week.  It also allowed me to break in my new Totoro teacup I’d brought back from Japan, Epcot while on vacation.  I love how dainty it is.  If I’d had the money and wasn’t afraid they’d break on the trip back I would’ve bought the other 3 designs they had in the display.
Totoro teacup
Sipping tea from this cup makes me feel very girlish and happy ^_^

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