Name that Fern!

 I need your help in naming this fern.  I totally forgot what it was called, but it’s absolutely the coolest thing I’ve seen a plant do outside a Venus Flytrap. This plant was in our Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot.
The guide joked with us that she has one at home and when new guests arrive she likes to show off her fern.  As the guests are ooo-ing and ahh-ing over it’s neato defense system she’ll bump the table and the whole plant with contract ALL of it’s itty bitty leaves at once.  The guide then likes to tease the new dinner guests by telling them they’ve killed her plant.  Of course it’s not really dead and the plant will open itself back up in a matter of minutes.  Spurred on by this news 3 younger boys in our group promptly gave the potted fern a good shake and made it wilt before our eyes.
Boys will be boys.

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