Behind the Seeds Tour

Of all the things we did on vacation this was probably my second favorite (sorry but Harry Potter was just too cool)  The “Behind the Seeds Tour” at Epcot basically went “behind the scenes” of their hydroponic gardening center and let us release ladybugs, eat hydroponic veggies and generally look in awe at all the bare rooted, MASSIVE plants growing around us.
Nicole and I observing our bounty
All the while asking questions about how the systems work, what’s actually in their hydro solution and how you can build your own hydroponic garden at home.  If you want to do anything extra at Disney it always costs more, but because of that the groups are usually smaller and definitely more intimate.
Pumpkin Hammock
There were so many unusual things going on, not to mention the reDORKulous size of the fruit and veggies.  As it was all inside a giant greenhouse they had fans to circulate the moist air.  The outside walls were lined with corrugated cardboard which trapped the moisture the fans were pulling out of the greenhouses and that water would drip into a tray and off to a holding tank where it would be recycled back into the whole system.  Pretty spiffy, eh?
Even more amazing were how fast the plants grew in a soil-less environment.  Pepper plants were literally maturing within 2 months if not less.  Lettuces were ready for harvest in a matter of weeks.  It’s so low tech it’s high tech.  I’ve seen hydroponic gardens done with 2 liter pop bottles on a PVC frame, but this place was on a whole other level.
Fast Grower
I wouldn’t mind working in a place like that, you’d learn so much, but I don’t tolerate Florida heat that well and I burn too easily.  C’est la vie.

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