A Mushroom Update

Copious fungus
I received this email the other day when I sent out an inquiry about the Ohio Mushroom Society.  I asked why there were no events in SW Ohio and if there were any other clubs of the fungus or foraging type around my area.  This is what I got back.
” Rebekah,
Unfortunately, we do not have any active members in SW Ohio and there are no local clubs there.  This could change as in the past we had members in Xenia and we forayed at John Bryan St. Park.  Those members have  passed on and no active members have surfaced. “

That really makes me sad.  This particular society is most active on the opposite side of the state from me and all the events are over there too.  I don’t want to drive 4-5 hours across the state for an event.  I don’t understand why there is no local push for groups like this around here??  It’s insane that the members closest to me have all but passed on from this life and no one has taken their spot.  It’s like society doesn’t give a poo about Nature or what she can do for us.
Down but not out.

2 thoughts on “A Mushroom Update

  1. Tumus says:

    You're lucky to have such a great backyard! I poked around in John Bryan today which is a local state park because the trails were too wet to mountain bike on. Found some volleyball sized Puffballs and broke one open just to see if it was good. It looked wonderful! But I didn't take it home, waiting on a mushroom book before I start gathering anything in yet.


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