This week has been one of creative turmoil.  I’ve been so mentally stagnant.  It’s been like that all week. So in an attempt to be productive I bought a few more hostas to add to the “dead bed” which is on the north side of the house. I had been digging most of the afternoon with a small band of robins following me.  They tend to appear when I’m out. I have robin stalkers. I was taking a breather when I noticed a baby robin and it’s mama hopping around.  The mom flew off and the baby was left nested in the grass chirping wildly.
(mom, mom, mom, mom, moooooooooooooom)
 It hopped around for a good 10 minutes before I eventually ran inside to grab my camera. It took a mini adventure around 3 different back yards and 2 fence lines before it stopped, probably exhausted.
Where are you?
(look at it’s tufts!!!)
Still looking
Then out of nowhere mama reappeared with a much needed snack and several indignant skwaks at me.  This was all the motivation the baby needed to find it’s way back to the nest.
Mama Robin
I guess if I find myself lost and unmotivated this next week I should probably just eat a couple of snacks and visit my mom.  Mom’s are good for lighting fires under ones butt.

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