Pearfect for those snowy days

I’m starting back up on PinPinn in about a week.
Which means more felty goodness in pincushion form will be taking shape soon!
I’ve layed out a few new color schemes for the Perfect Pear Pincushion
and have been sketching up new plans for Tumus ornaments as well.

Trust me, now’s the time to do these things because trying to be super creative during the final quarter of the year is really hard.

I do have two specific goals in mind for Pinpinn:
Keep more things in stock (like the pears and oranges)
and get up to about 15-20 items in the shop.
I’ve looking back thru the pictures of my pincushions and realized that the
designs have changed slightly and may warrant a new photo shoot just to keep
things updated and fresh. I’m also hoping to add more emery selections too.

I have the time now I just need to keep the drive.


2 thoughts on “Pearfect for those snowy days

  1. Lisa at Lil Fish Studios says:

    Love those pears. Just adorable. I hear ya on the drive part. I struggle with both the time and the drive, but I think it's the lack of time that kills my drive. Or the children… I can blame the children.

    Can't wait to see your new work.


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