The Start of Something Different

Everyone is breaking down their 2010 year. Looking back on it there weren’t many small things that happened. Every event of importance was a big deal.

Aaron (brother) came home from Iraq.

Sarah (sister) graduated from college…
surprised us with her announcement that she was pregnant…
Then she moved to Virginia with her husband.

Saw my in-laws in AZ and learned more
about immigration laws and immigrants
than I ever figured I’d learn.

I was laid off from a rather stressful and much loathed job.

Rachel (sister) got engaged…

Then moved an hour away.

I re-opened Tumus and had an incredibly successful season
along with a heck of an opportunity on HGTV’s Handmade Holidays.

I spent my first Christmas Day not seeing my family
and cried all morning.

The hubby and I decided that we could make
this year (2011)work even if I stay home and have a baby.

2011 might turn out to be bigger than planned after all.


2 thoughts on “The Start of Something Different

  1. xstitcher says:

    Hi! Came upon your blog randomly, I am glad I am not the only one who is so crazy about organizing embroidery thread! ❤ I must say I adore your pear pin cushions! What a cute design. I too love working with felt. Don't have an etsy shop yet, but check out my blog


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