Well Ain’t That a Blow?

The “9-5” just announced that they will be laying off 150 people tomorrow. What’s really “great” about this piece of news is the fact that while most of us saw it coming the way it was announced was terrible. They sent us a generic email last week stating there would be some changes, but no one saw it as they would be laying off over half the company.

The place I work for has already suffered thru massive layoffs in the last 2 years they could have at least told us they were announcing it today, but nope they sent it to the press first. So the entire company found out about the layoffs at the same time from a source OTHER than my place of soon to be “non-employment”.

Now I jest at quitting my job, but the relief that comes with actually losing it is that I can still get unemployment which means food on my table and bills paid. If I quit, well I get nada.
But I don’t think I’ll be that “lucky”. I think instead the rest of my teammates may get the axe while I stay put simply because I’m part of a super project that’s only going to keep me around till the end of the year. And THEN I’ll get cut.

So yeah.

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