The Holidays?

Birdie in Squash Yellow sold of the front page today. (Thank you Lisa from Lilfish for making sure I saw it.

You know how people always talk about being “ready” for the Holidays and all? Well this panda is already wondering how she’s going to work this out for the next two months. I already feel THAT busy.

Pinpinn has been featured all over the place it seems and while I’ve got plenty of things cut out especially for the Orange and Lemon pincushions I still don’t feel like it’s enough! Eep!

Tumus has had lots of new dogs stop by and I’ve been sketching up more breeds to get out the door and shipped out. It seems busier here than Pinpinn mostly because the custom doggies do take a bit more time to sew up. Which leads me to another important thought, I must make sure I value my work in proportion to the time it takes me to create it.
This is very important to me (in the dark recesses of my mind) because I eventually want to find a part-time job and work on Etsy more.

My dream is definitely getting there. Not as fast as I was thinking it would but I’ve come a very long way from that first sale to now.


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