SO Close To a Vacation

I’m literally days away from the Wedding now (10.09.09 eep!), so this is more than likely the last post prior to the wedding craze that’s about to commence. I find it hilarious that the forecast has changed about 6 different times in the past 2 days. But as of today it’s forecasted to rain, like 70%…….and if you haven’t guessed, yes the ceremony is to be held outdoors. THANKFULLY we do have a backup plan because I like to to be prepared.

I’ll use the word “prepared” loosely because this is not always the case πŸ˜† but I’ve been really good at it when it comes to the wedding. Maybe it’s because there’s a good chunk of change involved in pulling this day off.

I’m going to Target today to nab some ultra colorful umbrellas for me and my sisters aka my bridesmaids because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a little downpour ruin some spectacular photo opportunities. And I want to have FUN! I demand fun. Everyone should.

My AWESOME favors arrived yesterday right on time from my friends over at Whimsy & Spice. They are mini bundles of the Brown Sugar Gingerspice Shortbread cookies, seen here. I’m immensely thrilled and proud they helped me out with all 120 favors πŸ˜† including tying lots of ribbon onto the boxes. It was a long time in the making and I can’t believe I managed to get them to do them for me. To me they are like the Elvis of Cookies.

Got lots more to do including finishing sewing my centerpiece squares, putting together the programs, finding the rest of the reception music and generally keeping all manner of cat-kind away from anything tempting.

So keep me in your prayers and I’ll see you around the week of October 19th!


One thought on “SO Close To a Vacation

  1. solomi558 says:

    I sicerely wish you lots of happiness in your marriage to Chris,I,ll be wishing for you tohave fine weather
    Thanks for joining my blog , I,m capricorn and I live in middle England ,Post the weddingpics,.————cottonreel


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