And it keeps on coming

I’m still around. See? *waves like a mad woman*

Just to give you a heads up, the blog will be going on a long 4 week vacation along with my shops, Tumus & Pinpinn Sept. 25 – Oct. 23 for my wedding.
For my own sanity’s sake and those around me I think this is a pretty wise step 😆 Of course Chris thinks I should close this week instead because things are starting to get down to the wire with last minute appointments and meetings with the caterer and cake peoples.

And to top it off Pinpinn keeps selling pincushions entirely too fast. I’d really like to get the shop to 2 pages of inventory, but at this point that’s not going to happen. A funny problem to have I suppose.
I listed these two last week and the Blue Bells sold the same night. The Pink and Rose cushion is still up for grabs though!

Tumus also got another front page with the lastest edition of Robins. Someone must really love these guys ^_^


2 thoughts on “And it keeps on coming

  1. Tumus says:

    I do have a flickr account, but I don't update it very frequently I'm afraid 😆 I promise to post pictures when the proofs become available to us 🙂

    oh and I will MOSTLY definitely share the love of the busy-ness because I need a break right now, haha!


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