Sure Feels Like It

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I keep staring at my pile of wedding invitations. I’d say the main invites are still at 80% complete. I managed to discover that the prints out I had done were wrinkled noticeably on the bottom half (I did 2 invites per vellum insert sheet) so I could only use the top half. This annoyed me considerably. I pretty much stopped working on them after I finished cutting out the good half. *sigh* I just had to walk away.

Then I discovered that I’d left my can opener at work so I had to figure something else out for dinner that did not require the use of a can opener and I hurt my hand trying to open a beer to soothe away the annoyance of a bad batch of invitations and not having a can opener, then spilled part of the beer.

So I just made mac and cheese and went out to the porch and read for almost 3 hours.

What IS it with wedding planning?

Obviously no part of me was screaming “BE CRAFTY” last night.


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