Cupcake Dress


My sisters have started this horrid tradition that as we each get married off we have to try on at least ONE super, ridiculously poufy, frou-frou dress. None of us like this kind of dress so it’s pretty fun to try it on and act super serious like all the other brides-to-be. I obviously am not that “serious” about the whole deal.

So obviously no crafting took place. Shame on me 😆 This week will prove to be good for Tumus as I will dedicate time specifically for it.

Next weekend, the Caterers…….gasp!


2 thoughts on “Cupcake Dress

  1. Tracy says:

    I just purchased my wedding dress so i completely understand what it is like to try on dresses that you are sooo not into. my sister made me try on at least two dresses that i would never be caught dead in. lol.


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